We bring the best resources to startup founders as early in the process as possible

We use our collective impact to breakdown cost barriers for entrepreneurs and to enable tech-focused startups to get out of the idea stage and get ready to launch.

Supported by a
diverse network of business
mentors and contributors

Our Entrepreneur Resources Include

(but of course not limited to)

  • Access to top engineering & business interns through our Partnership with the University of Florida
  • Access to the Fastest Supercomputer in Academia
  • $5,000 in AWS Credits
  • $1,000 in Notion Credits
  • Free & Discounted Solidworks Licenses
  • Sparktoro Helium 10 Startup Kits, Legal Documents, Convertible Note Templates, and More
  • In-House SBIRR expertise and research databases
  • Slack Channel with over 600 members ready to share & collaborate
  • Monthly ‘Office Hours’ held by mentors, CPAs, Patent Attorneys and more
  • A dedicated database of startup resources & directory of members
  • A network of vetted product designers, manufacturers, brand experts, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of coworking at Groundswell Startups?

Groundswell is a give-first non-profit that cares a lot about our community. Our high-tech office space provides all you need to get your business up and running. Here, you’ll find a quiet, open workspace with numerous amenities to conduct your business. Secure Wi-Fi, private phone booths, a printer/copier, spacious conference rooms and in-house IT makes it easy to work away from home. Plus, the kitchen is always stocked with coffee, espresso, beer on tap and a community fridge. At Groundswell, we love to hear what you do and connect you with other members. Through the sharing of skills, resources and knowledge, we help our community reach their goals.

Why should I choose coworking instead of working from home?

Working from home can be a luxury but it will never give you the resources, social interaction or professional network like Groundswell Startups. Here, you can get your work done without worrying about anything else. You will always have others to talk to within our community, whether that is someone to brainstorm with or a professional mentor or advisor to assist you in getting your idea into the market. We also host numerous meet-ups and events like Food Truck Fridays, Idea Hours and an Idea Stage Accelerator that all help you hone your entrepreneurial skills and get to know our community.

How does renting an office space work? How much does it cost?

We have many member and non-member options to fit exactly what you need. With a Groundswell membership, you can expect:

Month-to-month or per-use rentals
Flexible options, like pausing your membership when you need
No overhead costs or deposits
No contracts or lease agreements
24/7 building access with certain memberships

You do not need to be a member to rent our conference spaces or use certain amenities. Come visit us and we will find a way to help you with what you need. To see our complete membership options, visit our Cowork page

Who are the other members of this community of entrepreneurs?

Our community consists of a little bit of everything! From lifestyle to engineers, business to design, marketing and computer sciences, you will always find someone with new ideas, unique talent and knowledge to share.

Do I need to give equity to Groundswell Startups?

No. We want you to succeed, no strings attached. We are a give-first community so Groundswell Startups does not take any equity in your product or service.

I only have an idea for my new business. Do I need more concrete plans before I reach out to Groundswell?

Not at all! Sometimes moving beyond ideation is the most daunting part and we are here to help. Through our community, we can provide you with tools and resources that will help you answer your top questions right from the beginning, such as how to get funding, what financial model to use, establishing your target buyer and how to market your product once it launches.

Do I have to participate in the Idea Stage Accelerator to be part of your incubator?

You do not. At Groundswell we take an individualized approach. We evaluate what stage you are in and what type of resources you need, and then recommend strategies. The Idea Stage Accelerator is a fantastic opportunity to explore your idea, develop sustainable revenue and business models and conduct market research…all within a supportive cohort environment. It provides structure and accountability to the idea validation and company launch process, which some entrepreneurs want and need.

Will Groundswell Startups provide me with an advisor or mentor?

As a part of the Groundswell community, you will be connected with advisors and mentors with a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge. To get started, we review your business and introduce you to our advisors, mentors and other members of the community who can help you at your startup’s particular stage. Every experience is personalized, so you know exactly who you can talk to about your specific questions, concerns or the overall process. 

There is a lot to discover in the Groundswell Startups network. The expertise in this community goes well beyond this list, but to get you started, meet our Founders, staff, and just a handful of our expert mentors and advisors on the About page.

Do I have to be a member of Groundswell to get connected to mentors?

You do not have to be a member to tap into our resources and mentor network. We are a give-first community and believe that if we are doing good work, people will join our community and give their time, talent, and resources to our ecosystem. Groundswell is a no-pitch zone. That means mentors and subject matter experts will spend time with you, share their expertise and experience, and will never try to sell you a service as part of that process. Many times people end up working together, and we love when collaboration happens. Yet, first and foremost, we are here to help you along your journey and provide the best guidance possible to help you launch your idea, scale your company and take that next step forward.

How else can I network within the Groundswell community?

We like to facilitate organic connections. Our numerous meet-ups and events are excellent ways to introduce yourself to others. We also have tools just for members that connect you to the rest of our community. An internal resources and directory database provides contact information for other businesses, and provides helpful tools like pitch decks and financial models for your use. Also, members can join our Slack channel where you can share ideas, gather feedback, post jobs or just get to know your neighbors in real time.

Can you help my company get funded?

We can! Getting companies ready for funding and then making connections to help them get funded is at the heart of what we do at Groundswell. Since 2016, we have helped more than 28 companies gain access to over 30 million dollars in venture capital funds. We also have in-house expertise to help founders make key decisions about their funding rounds, the terms of those rounds, and making sure their early decisions set them up for success later on. From pitch decks to convertible notes to how you structure your company, we can help with all of it.

Will Groundswell be able to help ensure my privacy?

Whether you are working with confidential information, or just want a safe space to talk about finances, we have you covered. We offer three conference rooms for group decision-making, and sound-proof phone booths for your more sensitive conversations. Our IT can secure private connections and servers as well. The staff at Groundswell is experienced in working with highly classified content, as well as working with individuals who want to explore the idea without having their day-job find out. Let us know what your situation is, and we will do what is needed to accommodate. We also understand that you may not be ready to share your aspirations with everyone in your network, including your full-time employer. We are happy to work with you and your specific situation to accommodate your needs.

What are this organization’s prototyping and manufacturing capabilities?

There are plenty of people who can help you build your prototype within Groundswell. Between our local engineers, designers and mechanics, and our in-house 3D printing lab, we have the tools and skills necessary to make a version of your product that you can finally hold in your hand. The printers can also handle small-run manufacturing projects, depending on your product. If we can’t do it in-house, we know businesses who can. Please note that the cost of prototyping and manufacturing is not included with our memberships. You can learn more about our prototyping capabilities here.

Are there testimonials of other freelancers/entrepreneurs who have joined and have been successful?

We like to tell your story and share your wins. Refer to blog and company spotlights for success stories and what our members have learned through our network. https://blog.swellstartups.com/tag/company-spotlight